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How to get more:

Posted on July 23, 2017 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (45186)

How to get more:

 If you want to know how to get more out of your day's and week's, where production and self-satisfaction is a concern. Then I have three things to help.

 1: Focus on maintaining a positive attitude from the very beginning of your day. Regardless of what situations may arise before you attempt to solve  it, ensure that you've checked the box for a positive attitude towards it.

 2: Don't become distracted by Shiny Object Syndrome.Shiny object syndrome (SOS) tricks you into believing that what you started out focusing on should take a backseat to this new shiny thing. But in essence it merely steals your focus, therefore, causing you, to not be as productive and the result of that is, you guessed it, you get no self-satisfaction because nothing got accomplished.

3: Be on the lookout for what I call, zookeepers.The zookeepers are experienced experts in the field of Monkey Management. Trust me; you could have these people in both your professional and personal lives and not know it. They are masters at bringing their problems and situations to you so that you can fix it.

That's not a bad thing right, well yes it can be. Because now the zookeeper is Managing You To Manage Their Monkey. Your productive time is now diverted and potentially kidnapped or stolen, and you never saw it coming. Be on the lookout for the Zookeeper.

Success coach Ricky Terry

President of 1DueNorth LLC,

And I Am Your Coach

Roadblocks Are Nothing But Temporary Obstacles:

Posted on July 7, 2017 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (209810)

Roadblocks Are Nothing But Temporary Obstacles: 

Roadblocks are nothing but Temporary Obstacle, waiting for a solution to take them down. How do you approach the roadblocks of your life, your career, your family and your finances? Do you allow roadblocks to stop all your forward momentum and movement.

You have seen these people; they seem to be moving on the fast track in their personal and professional lives and then they come upon a temporary detour or roadblock. And their life comes to a complete halt. They say things like; "this must be some kind of mistake" or "I'm going to go in and get to the bottom of this".

Then there are those whose whole life is their career. Nothing comes before their careers, and I do mean nothing. And then, one-day, by way of some news carrier, they are informed that their services are No Longer Needed. These are the individuals I believe, are the most damaged from temporary obstructions/roadblocks. They say things like...... 

Story continues: Roadblocks Are Nothing But Temporary Obstacles:

They say things like"This can't be going down like this", or "they told me and I believed them, that I would be safe. "Surely, this is some kind of joke, I've put my whole life into this {Bull-Y.K.W}". But I would remind them as my mentor often says “a setback is the set up for a come back”.

Every family has problems,

My friends of all of the lessons that I may share with you, let this be one of the most important; Never Ever, Put Anything, In Front Of Your Family. The successes and the failures of life will come and go. But the family through generations can give and give. By making family the main thing, successes is already happening in your life and the life of those you love and care for.

And finally I have a question for you, if your finances were your child and that child became sick would you take your child to the doctor? Of course you would. But too many of us have allowed the road blocks of our finances to places us in dangerous and destructive places.

It's time to move around the roadblocks of our finances, it's time that we take our finances like we would take our child to the doctor or the E.R. for treatment.

We Can No longer allow financial road blocks to keep you from where you would like to be. As Your Success Coach, I look forward to helping you chart and navigate around, over, under and through the obstacles and roadblocks that have hampered your success.

1DueNorth has help many who have found themselves staring at the detours,obstacles and roadblocks unable to focus on the main thing.

This is exactly where Coach Terry brings a different style and approach to coaching. Coach Terry believes that roadblocks, obstacles and detours are temporary.

Coach Terry often says, A determined mindset and a focused sense of Why, are the solutions to many of life's obstacles.(make your "WHY" bigger then your how.)

Coach Ricky Terry President of 1DueNorth LLC,

Email: [email protected]




Please read testimonial:

Leaders Lead,

That’s one of those sentence phrases you hear often, usually from leaders themselves, or perhaps from someone attempting to get someone else to take on a leadership role. But among the many arguably, less talked about characteristics of leaders and the one that reminds me most of my experience working with Ricky Terry, is that leaders inspire.

At a time when I needed it, Rick offered sincere encouragement and the education and enlightenment that inspired me to seek out more for myself and make some very important changes. It was an invaluable experience and one of the great turning points in my life.

Thanks Rick

Clifton Durant

- Market Trader

- Real Estate Investor

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Can I Tell You Something?

Posted on January 13, 2017 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (70048)

"When things go wrong, as they sometimes will. When the road you're trudging seems all uphill. When the funds are low and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit. Rest if you must, but don't you quit".

At a recently low place in my life, my sister Toni, sent me this. She found her brother at the right moment -- when I was about to quit, when I was about to give up on my Dream of owning my own company. Building something with my hands and mind. You see, when you put everything and I do mean everything, your passion, your dreams and your desire all in, for one thing. I'm not talking about that thing you want, but that thing you can't live without. She sent it at my pressing moment.

If my sister would not have stepped in like a mother knowing her baby was in trouble, I would've quit and walked away. In my family there are many of us, but within the inner core there are six of us, five girls one boy (me). That's what my mother had. When our mother (Shirley) left us to take her rightful place, everyone thought surely that would break us. 

Can I Tell You Something?

It didn't even come close to breaking us. And I remember when I knew we were going to be more than okay -- when I witnessed all of my baby sisters pull the family together. We don't always agree, we don't always get along and we don't always speak to each other. But I can promise you if you ask any of us at any point in our lives if they love their sibling you will get the craziest look before they tell you "With All My Heart".

To be a part of a family is one thing. But Building A Family (B.A.F) is one of the Greatest Joys Of Life.With that small note, my sister Stood Up and took her place at Building The Family. One-day we all will be called to stand up and take our places to Build A Family.

Sincerely Ricky E.Terry (senior member, Terry family


To my mentor:

Posted on January 4, 2017 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (12771)

January 3, 2017 10:37 AM

This day will forever be a permanent memory for me. This day, I stopped to congratulate myself and smile. You see just one day before the New Year, one of mylong-time mentors signed up as my client.

The significance of this is more than a coincidence for me. We worked at the same Fortune 500 company. I had heard of him and how good he was at selling, but had yet to meet him. My first year in the company I was so busy evaluating, recruiting, training, motivating, inspecting, forecasting, negotiating, creating bridges, establishing disciplines, building relationships, understanding boundaries and identifying potentials that our paths did not cross.

Are you getting my point?

Quite frankly, as good as he was, I was too busy to notice. Because what I have come to know is, you don't get better by trying to become someone else, or beat someone else, or out achieve someone else. You don't need to be as smart as someone else. You Get Better, By Trying To Be The Very Best You. God opens doors for your skill set, for your personality, and for your ability to handle the blessing.

After exactly one year of working at this Fortune 500 company I was made aware that the team I had taken over was second to last in the entire United States. Exactly one year later we were number three in the entire United States. Before I go any further, allow me to explain the importance of this. Did you notice at the top when I was naming off all the things that I had to do, that kept me so busy, I did not put learning my job. The honest truth. I knew nothing about anything concerning that Fortune 500 company, except what I had been hired to do. I had been instructed to hire more people so they could sell enough of the company’s products. No one came to train me on anything related to what they had just asked me to do (and companies wonder why they fail) . I had never hired anyone before. I'm not even sure I knew the right questions to ask.

Luckily for me my military instincts kicked in and I remembered the many times we would have to do counseling sessions with team members and leaders, we would evaluate and assess where each team member was strong and where there were opportunities to become stronger. (As a leader don't waste your time looking for areas of weakness. Instead look for opportunities to help someone become stronger. They will never forget you for it).

So I quickly put those leadership skills into action (sometimes you will have to survive with what you have).

And we made it. We made it to number three in the country. The team built a team, then the team built a family culture. (When united, people are difficult to beat.)

My job is done, right? All I have to do now is inspect periodically and we should be good to go. (Inspect what you expect)

Oh, hold up! I forgot to tell you at the same time they were releasing this awesome information about our achievement, I was also informed that the company was going to do an immediate restructure and I was being asked to let go of the team I had just built.

You know I said “No"

But their argument was compelling. Move to a new position, take over a new area in a field you know nothing about or we're going to let you go.

You know what I said? “When do you need me there?

Now let me get back to my mentor. At the same time he was being asked to assume a new leadership role which would now make him my boss, and oh by the way we still have not met or spoken yet.

He assumes his new role of responsibility and I assume my new duties. And he does what leaders do, he called a meeting of all managers. It would be an all day, working lunch, training and getting to know you meeting. You know, another one of those meetings that is just a waste of time.

So I thought.

But I was so wrong. I learned more about what I was supposed to be doing in that one day, in spite of all of my previous successes, then I had learned my entire first year at this company. The man knew his stuff. But that was not what impressed me and certainly that was not what made me want to be his friend.

What impressed me was his approach to leadership, how he treated people, how he cared for people and I loved the way he trained us to be master craftsmen in our roles.

And one day, less than four weeks in this new position, that care and leadership showed itself in its truest form. I had been falsely accused of something that threatened my career. Without knowing me, without knowing anything about me, but in real leadership fashion he stood up for one of his. He encouraged me. He would not let me quit and he would not let me feel sorry for myself. He told me to focus on doing my job and being the leader of my team. All while the investigation was going on. (Don't let adversity stop you from being a leader).

He told me if I needed to talk, talk to him. If I wanted to complain, talk to him.

(In corporate America talk about it, nobody hears you when all you do is complain)

I think we talked every night. (Leadership is not what you say it's what you do.) After nearly two weeks of investigations I was cleared of all charges. The only person standing beside me from within the organization was my mentor, who was excellent at sales, but better as a person and a leader.

I cannot begin to explain to you how honored I am to have someone I called my mentor sign up to be one of my newest 1DueNorth clients. This is nothing less than a blessing from above. When you focus on being the best you, God will open doors for you.

Rick Terry

President, 1DueNorth

E-mail- [email protected]

Web site-

A major part of success requires that you;

Posted on December 31, 2016 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (98862)

A major part of success requires that you;


1: Don't sit on your hands.

(get involved with your success)

(Become educated in things concerning your success)

(Connect with the connected, you have to earn your way up)


2:Take the overwatch position for your success.

(inspect what you expect)

(get to higher ground)

(learn the lay of the land)

3: Remember sacrifice is part of the process.

(the cost could be high)

(Then you realize the cost is high)

(It can not be paid with credit)


4: Stop expecting help from your broke A$$ Friends.

( it's your vision not theirs)

( it's your fight)

(but its everybody's victory)

You are invited the joint Coach Rick Terry for this dynamic teaching, on the platform periscope. Coach will be preparing you; for success in 2017

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